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Why Opt For DiabSox™ Compression Socks ?

Discover the ease and comfort adapted to your needs.

Easy-On Design: Say goodbye to the hassle of donning compression socks. Ours are expertly crafted for individuals who find traditional models challenging, especially those with broader calves.

Gentle Compression: Experience the ease of 12-15 mmHg light compression — effortless to put on and take off, while maintaining effectiveness against varicose veins and edema.

Nighttime Comfort: Optimal moderate compression ensures comfort throughout the night, alleviating the sensation of heavy legs and promoting restful sleep.

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Characteristics of DiabSox™ Compression Socks

Easy to put on and take off

Perfect Fit to Minimize Irritation and Swelling.

Healthy Blood Circulation

Promotes the return of blood to the heart with gentle compression that doesn't overly compress the legs.

Graduated Compression

Optimal pressure, specially tailored for diabetics.

Bamboo Material

The fabric absorbs moisture and repels odors, minimizing the risk of infection.

You may be wondering...

How do DiabSox™ compression socks help people with diabetes

DiabSox™ compression socks are designed to improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications, such as edema and varicose veins.

What is the difference between DiabSox™ compression socks and regular socks?

Our socks provide light compression to support circulation, while being easy to put on and comfortable for everyday use, unlike regular socks that lack these features.

Are DiabSox™ compression socks comfortable for everyday use?

Absolutely. They are made with high quality materials to ensure comfort, durability and efficiency throughout the day.

How do I maintain my DiabSox™ compression socks?

DiabSox™ socks can be machine washed in cold water with like colors. Avoid bleaching and tumble drying to preserve the quality of the compression.

What is the estimated delivery time?

We anticipate delivery within 8-10 days.



Satisfaction and Comfort Confirmed by the Figures

  • Users report a significant improvement in comfort and blood circulation when wearing DiabSox™ socks.

  • They confirm that DiabSox™ compression socks are the most comfortable they have ever worn, perfect for everyday use.

  • They would recommend DiabSox™ socks to friends and family, testifying to their high quality and effectiveness.

*Results based on clinical studies and consumer feedback. Choose DiabSox™ now.

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Composition of DiabSox™ Compression Socks

A combination of materials chosen for their quality

63% Polyester: For bright, long-lasting colors.

26% Bamboo Charcoal: For antimicrobial properties.

11% Cotton: For added durability and warmth

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Customer Reviews

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Tracey Skinsley

Comfortable socks and relieve aching, swollen legs


Excellent wore first day legs feet feel best ever

Mary Ellis

These long support socks are perfect in size for me.

Gaetano Hirthe

The diabsox arrived very quickly, in 1 weeks. Good socks. The fabric is dense, it fits the legs very well. I am satisfied with this product, thank you transcend. I recommend.

Dax Krajcik

Very good, my legs say thank you 😊

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