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Influencer Membership - Tran.scend

Influencer Membership Free

WELCOME TO YOUR FREE INFLUENCER MEMBERSHIP - NO FEES EVER!!! We already know that you love what we sell, so why not get paid to share what you love? With...
Silicone Wig Grip - Tran.scend

Silicone Wig Grip

Silicone Wig Grip No slip wig grip Silicone Made for comfortĀ  Fits all head sizesĀ  Nude in colorĀ 
Wig Cap - Tran.scend

Wig Cap

Wig CapĀ  Nude coloredĀ  Nylon wig capĀ  Fits most head sizesĀ 
Fillable Eyeshadow Palette - Tran.scend

Fillable Eyeshadow Palette

Fillable Eyeshadow Palette (empty) This magnetic palette stores your favorite eyeshadows and any small pan makeup item. Fits 12 eyeshadow pans. Dimensions:Ā 4.3" x 5.7" Material: Plastic palette with magnetic bottomĀ ...
Authentic Jade Gua Sha - Tran.scend

Authentic Jade Gua Sha

Authentic Jade Gua Sha Our Gua Sha Jade piece is used to help drainage in your face, as well firm, and tone, and release tension that causes fine lines and...
Blending Bud - Tran.scend

Blending Bud

Blending BudĀ  Create the ultimate complexion with our New Blending Bud. Our brand new design grows larger and softer in size when wet and returns to its original size once...
Duo Sharpener - Tran.scend

Duo Sharpener

Duo Sharpener This dual sharpener has two sizes to sharpen standard and large pencils. A clear plastic cover can be secured to catch pencil shavings to keep your makeup kit...
Diamond Shine Lipgloss - Tran.scend

Diamond Shine Lipgloss

Treat your lips to the luxurious diamond-shining charm of this 12-colorĀ Diamond Shine Lipgloss.Ā Combining a matte finish with glitter and shimmer textures, plus the long-lasting waterproof power of liquid lipstick, this...
Temperature Color Changing Lip Balm - Tran.scend

Temperature Color Changing Lip Balm

Peach Lip Balm Colorless: Apply for instant, color free moistureĀ  Pink: Slight color change as it alters to your bodies chemistry, supplying instant moisture Use: Can be used on cheeks...
Water Activated Eyeliner Palette, UV Glow Neon Body Paint - Tran.scend

Water Activated Eyeliner Palette, UV Glow Neon Body Paint

Makeup Format: CreamProduct Attributes: Hypoallergenic
Brush on Nail Adhesive - Tran.scend

Brush on Nail Adhesive

Item Form: Liquid Water Resistance Level: Water-resistant Product Attributes: Alcohol Free Use: Simply apply nail glue to nail and adhere, hold for 10 seconds and enjoy long lasting stay!Ā 
Valentine's Day Sequined Heart Pointed Hat Faceless Gnome - Tran.scend

Valentine's Day Sequined Heart Pointed Hat Faceless Gnome

Material: Polyester Filling: Polypropylene cotton Product measurements: Whitebeard: Length: 3 in Width: 2 in Height: 11 in Twist braids: Length: 3 in Width: 2 in Height: 11 in